Summer Detox & Slimming EO Blend

HK $680 HK $970


Summer is an excellent time to do a detoxifying treatment with aromatherapy as essential oils can promote lymphatic drainage, which is good for stimulating the circulatory system and eliminating toxins from the inside out, leaving you to feel restored.

Items included: Benefits:
Organic Cypress Essential Oil Help to detoxify the unwanted toxins from the body through sweating and urinating, improve circulation
Organic Grapefruit Essential Oil

Use as a natural diuretic to reduce fluid retention, help to stimulate the lymphatic system, treat cellulite and eliminate toxins, and help the liver cleanse the body of toxins and waste

Organic Juniper Berry Essential Oil Use as a cleansing and detoxifying agent, remove toxins from the body by maintaining urinary tract functioning


Original Price: HK$970

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