Organic Patchouli Essential Oil

HK $280

Product Details

This exotic flavor with a strong earthy aroma can help to drive away sleepiness, make you become more objective and calmer. Using it with other essential oils will make the aroma longer-lasting and leave it with a luscious fragrance.
Aroma: Strong earthy aroma, exotic flavor
Mentally: Clears sleepiness and exhaustion, makes people become calm and objective
Physically: Suppresses appetite, sterilizes, eliminates itching and deodorization of the feet
For skin: Reduces acne and rough skin, anti-inflammatory


  • Avoid during pregnancy

How to use

Massage: 1-3 drops mix with the common carrier oils. Massaging them into the skin.
Inhalations: using diffusers or onto the hot water for inhalation. The standard dose is 5-10 drops.


100% Australian Certified Organic Pogostemon Cablin Leaf Oil

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