Organic Rose Otto Essential Oil

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Rose Otto Essential Oil is distilled out of damask rose petals using a special steaming process. It is very valuable and rare as it takes 1 million roses for just 1 kilogram of rose otto oil.

Rose Otto has various aromatherapeutic benefits on skin, mental and physical aspects.

Botanical Name: Rosa Damascena
Extraction and Plant Part: Steam distilled from flowers
Country of origin: Bulgaria
Aroma: Warm, spicy and floral aroma with undertones of honey
Mentally: Calm and balance emotion, improve sleep and reduce anxiety
Physically: Regulates hormones and acts as a menstrual health booster, good for the female reproductive system.
For skin: whiten and moisturize the skin, smooth wrinkles and fine lines, repair and regenerate the skin


  • External use only. Dilute before applying to the skin.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • If pregnant or under doctor's care, consult your physician. 

How to use

 Diffusion: Add 4-6 drops to an aroma diffuser or a bowl of hot water.
-  Topical: Dilute in a carrier oil or lotion before applying to desired areas.



100% Australian Certified Organic Rosa Damascena Flower Oil 

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