What is the shelf life of the products?
Before open: About 18 to 24 month (counting from the manufacturing date display on the product), which the product is store away from direct sunlight, avoid high temperature and humidity
After open: As the products contain natural ingredients, about 3 months

Are organic beauty products as effective as traditional cosmetics?
From the old times till today, the essence of the flowers and plants are widely applied in the skincare and body care products, and the results are significant. WILD ORGANIC cares the skin of the customers and infuses the organic botanical ingredients in the products, for providing a reliable and effective result. Understand your skin type and use the suitable products, the healthy and radiant skin can be seen.

Are organic skin care products do not cause sensitive?
Just like someone allergy to nuts or beans, someone allergy to chocolate, the allergens of different persons are unique and not alike. Even though only a few or even none of the chemical ingredients can be found in the organic skincare products, which are very mild, the skin of each customer are distinct, and the conditions may change from time to time, so we strongly suggest customers try the products before purchase.

I would like to know more about your product, how could I get the information?
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