Organic Ginger Essential Oil

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Product details

Ginger oil is believed by aromatherapists to be applicable for colds and flu, nausea (motion sickness, morning sickness) muscle aches (particularly the back), circulation issues and arthritic pain. It also has warming properties that help to combat loneliness and depression.

Aroma: Warm and sharp
Mentally: Enhances sensory acuity and memory, invigorating

Warming, soothing colds symptoms, helping to improve digestive problems such as loss of appetite and flatulence
Soothes sprains, rheumatic and muscle pains

For skin: Accelerates healing of wound and bruise

  • May irritating to sensitive skin
  • Suitable for children 2 years old or above

How to use

Massage: 1-3 drops mix with the common carrier oils. Massaging them into the skin.
Inhalations: using diffusers or onto the hot water for inhalation. The standard dose is 5-10 drops.


100% Australian Certified Organic Zingiber Officinale Root Oil

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