Organic Niaouli Essential Oil

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Niaouli Essential Oil is used locally for a wide variety of ailments including aches and pains, respiratory conditions, and cuts and infections; it is also used to purify water. Due to its powerful antiseptic qualities, it's a good choice of oil to treat skin conditions such as acne, boils, burns, cuts, insect bites and other similar conditions. It has also been used for treating respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis, catarrh, coughs and sore throats.

Aroma: Intense, clear, and penetrating
Mentally: Refreshing, helps you to be clear-minded and concentrate
Physically: Improves blood circulation, soothes colds symptoms and respiratory problems
For skin: Tightens the skin, accelerates wound healing, antibacterial

  • Avoid during pregnancy

  • How to use

    Massage: 1-3 drops mix with the common carrier oils. Massaging them into the skin.
    Inhalations: using diffusers or onto the hot water for inhalation. The standard dose is 5-10 drops.


    100% Australian Certified Organic Melaleuca Viridiflora Leaf Oil

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